Welcome to Conservative Thought

What will follow in the days, weeks and months ahead are the views and opinions of a self-described political junkie.  Although I’m unabashedly conservative, I welcome a reality-based dialogue from all political persuasions and encourage participation in an intellectual and substantive debate on national security, jurisprudence and policy issues.

My goals are ambitious, but quite simple:

  • Advance conservative ideology and principles within the Republican Party, and increase the Republican majority in the US Congress by nominating and electing conservative candidates.
  • Educate the American electorate regarding conservative ideology and principles without the ‘filter’ of the Partisan Press.
  • Support our troops and insure that they are adequately prepared and properly equipped to confront the dangerous challenges of the 21rst Century and complete their mission.
  • Restore the constitutionally-mandated inherent authority to the Executive as required under Article II, and reverse the Federal Judiciary’s usurpation of power as required under Article III.
  • Restore the credibility and effectiveness of the intelligence community and enhance their intelligence-gathering capabilities.  

Talking Points™ and Known Facts™ are very discouraging and contribute nothing substantive to an intellectual debate.  Links should be provided to back-up all statements of fact, and all quotes must be properly cited.  Profanity is not tolerated and will result in administrative action.  All Terms of Service’ must be followed as required by WordPress.


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